In the continuous celebration of the intersections of our queer cultures and our Pilipino heritages, we are inviting you to engage in this year’s 7th Annual Queer Pin@y Conference, entitled Illuminating the Queer Diaspora.

This one day conference will convene at UC Berkeley on Saturday, November 1, 2008, a day of  multi-discipline workshops, arts, entertainment, inspiration from community leaders, networking, food, and fun!

We invite you all—students, community members, friends, and family—to join us this day as workshop artists, creators, facilitators, and organizers.

This conference hopes to contextualize the word queer on how it has been used in the past and how it has evolved to different meanings. We aspire to shed light and acknowledge a displacement within the queer community in a sense of our bodies, education, rights and any other ways that may apply to this movement. This platform will allow us to dialogue with one another through various multi-media about the movements and lives that have come to shape queer diaspora. In this full, honest, and deliberate examination of our shared existences, we offer a sense of illumination unto ourselves, each other, and our community. Though only in its 7th annual iteration, we would like to utilize this year’s event as a moment in which we might all reflect, refocus, and (re)act upon our individual and collective positions within our shared communities and histories.

Because spaces for our communities such as the Queer Pin@y Conference are so unique and rare, we wait in excitement for your interests and contributions that will enrich this year’s conference.


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